Higher Education Department (HED)

The prior responsibilities of HED are the planning and observation of the development of higher education system. Due to this reason, HED develops plans and documents from the policy, standards and procedures which bring to the systemized solutions of challenges, which the higher education is facing on.

In its work HED is based on the Higher Education Law (2003), the Strategy for Higher Education (2005-2015) as well as other relevant legal and sub legal documents as the statutes of Institutions of the Public and Private Providers of Higher Education, different Administrative Instructions, and Regulations etc.

HED also accomplishes other functions in the national level as:

a) Establishing the Agencies and Centers, as well as other educational advices in the country level;
b) New policies for accomplishing the obligations which comes out of the Bologna Process;

c) Developing the implementation of the cooperation programs with other countries;

d) Recognition (verification) of documents received from studies outside the country (MEST commission for the recognition of Diplomas received from studies outside the country );

e) Verification of documents of our citizens who wants to study abroad;

f) Supports the work of our different students' and citizens' organizations in the country and abroad etc;

Since 2004, in its work HED is supported by the expertise of the Higher Education Experts' Board, which is composed of the persons who know the best the Higher Education System in Kosova. This Board until now has given its support and advise in drafting the Strategy of Higher Education in Kosova, drafting the Statute of University of Prishtina, organizing the international conferences, as well as increase of the awareness for the significance of education in a society, etc.

Coordination and projects

TEMPUS office is completely consolidated and 15 projects are prepared in the complete harmony with the strategic priorities of MEST. A number of them is approved and has been started their implementation. Also the cooperation programs has been continued for the TEMPUS program, ERASMUS MUNDUS and IPA and some of the supportive programs for the higher education in Kosova as:

a) Multidimensional project between Austria and Kosova http://www.aei-austria-kosovo.com

b) Finnish Program for the post graduate studies in support of the Faculty of Education www.formin.fi

c) Norwegian program for the establishing of the Institute of Journalism (1.5 million euro 2005 - 2006);

d) The cooperation with the American Office in support of the UP

Actual priorities:

a) The complete functionality of the Kosova Accreditation Agency; www.akreditimi.org

b) The complete functionality of the Center for the International Cooperation in HE, Science and Technology (QBNASHT-KCIRT) http://www.aei-austria-kosovo.com/

c) The complete functionality of the Center for the Recognition and Verification http://www.aei-austria-kosovo.com/

ç) Implementation of the Higher Education Strategy 2005 - 2015

d) Drafting and approving the Administrative Instructions for the operating the Higher Education Laws

e) Setting the criteria and provisions for the financing of the higher education and drafting the law for financing the higher education;

f) Consolidation of the private sector of higher education, etc.



Direktor departamenta za visoko obrazovanje
Drita Kadriu
Tel: 038 212 143

Rukovodila divizije za razvoj, monitoring i kvalitet u VO
Bekim Samadraxha
Tel: 038 213 948

Viši službenik divizije za razvoj, monitoring i kvalitet u VO
Burim Gashi
Tel: 038 211 012

Koordinator za privatno visoko obrazovanje
Mirushe Latifaj
Tel: 0 38 211 667

Rukovodilac Centra za međunarodnu saradnju visokog obrazovanja i tehnologiju 
Bujar Gallopeni
Tel: 038 211 924

Administrativna službenica (CMSVOT)
Shpresa Mehmeti
Tel: 038 211 923