Save the Children Alliance in Kosovo/a, which is part of Save the Children Alliance Norway, Sweden and Italy, leaded by UK, is one of the leading child rights organizations in Kosovo/a, providing aid to all communities.

Our organization has worked successfully in Kosovo since 1997 by moving from the emergency relief to the promotion of inclusive education and protection for all children.

We are particularly focused on pre-primary education in Kosova/o, by opening more than 250 pre-primary classes and providing trainings for local educators.

Save the Children, in the child protection field promotes foster care in Kosova/o through stronger cooperation of local institutions responsible for child protection. 
The success of our projects comes from our strong working relationship in local and national level with ministries, institutions and community in general.  

Projects of Save the Children Alliance in Kosovo/a in inclusive education have the aim that through our models to help in improvement of the situation of children in Kosova/o by aiming integration of vulnerable children in Kosovar education process. Our main partners of our projects are: Ministry of Education, Science and Technology (MEST), University of Prishtina (Pedagogical Faculty), Municipal Education Offices, kindergartens and primary schools. 

How does Save the Children support education sector in Kosova?

For the moment Save the Children Alliance in Kosova/o is involved in several projects in the inclusive education field. We work in 9 public kindergartens and 2 primary schools through the following projects: 


Mozaik is a unique model of bilingual and multicultural pre-school for children in public kindergartens. The project has two main components: introducing a bilingual approach in kindergartens and developing a child-centered pedagogical approach that includes age-appropriate training in conflict-resolution skills for children. Although Mozaik adheres to the standard kindergarten curriculum, it offers greater focus on children's social and emotional development.
The Mozaik model will be developed specifically for the Kosovo context.  Save the Children in Kosova/o, MEST and Search for Common Ground are working together to design, implement and support this unique pilot project in five kindergartens in Kosova/o.
Implementation of the MOZAIK project in Kosova was made possible by generous support of American people through USAID – United States Agency for International Development and Norwegian Ministry for Foreign affairs.

Inclusive Education for Roma, Ashkali and Egyptian community

Save the Children together with strategic partner NGO “Iniciativa 6”, teaches communities how to support their children and be engaged with the schools therefore increase rates of school attendance and educational attainment of Roma, Ashkali and Egyptian children's. Implementation of this project is financially supported by Save the Children Sweden.

Realization of rights of children with special needs 

Through our projects we seek to raise awareness of the rights of children with disabilities by developing a self-sustaining advocacy body, comprised of local disability associations such as Handikos, parents' associations, and children themselves.

In cooperation with municipal authorities, we aim to stimulate and advance the physical and psychosocial abilities of hundreds of children with special needs by supporting community-based rehabilitation at four Handikos centers.

To address barriers in inclusion, Save the Children Alliance in Kosovo/a is focused in addressing the legislation and policies, advocacy and mobilization of civil society and parents of children with special needs and also in building capacities for improvement of qualities in education.  We have also supported training of educators for new methodologies and establishment of 4 regional resource centers, where as part of increasing capacities, 514 pre school educators were trained to work with children with special needs. 

With the purpose of filling one of the biggest gaps regarding the education of children with special needs, pre-school education, Save the Children Alliance in Kosovo/a on January 2005 has initiated pre school pilot project with the purpose of developing and increasing capacities of pilot kindergartens for implementation of inclusive education practices in pre schools and also increasing capacities of services for all children, with the special focus in children with special needs.

Implementation of this project is supported financially by European Commission and Save the Children Italy.

 For more information regarding Save the Children projects, please visit the official website:


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